Jeremiah Week 3

Lament and Solidarity

Lament and solidarity could be the title of many sections in Jeremiah, including this one. Lament is one of the ways we can address God when we sharply feel the great chasm between the way the world is and the way God wants the world to be. Full reading and audio »

Selections From the Prophets Week 3

The Prophetic Call: Isaiah 21:1–10

Imagine walking through a desert landscape, thinking about your day, what you will be having for dinner, or what you will be doing with friends and family the next week, when the following events occur… Full reading and audio »

Hebrews Week 3

The Messenger is the Message: Hebrews 1:5–2:18

Paul writes that Christ is the sole referent of Israel’s Scripture; every Old Testament figure and event point to him (Romans 10:4; Acts 17:1–4). The New Testament teaches us that when we read Scripture rightly, the Old Testament discloses the very promise that Christ fulfills — the very word his life and work articulate. Full reading and audio »

Mark Week 3

Purposeful Parables: Mark 3:7–4:34

In our introduction to Mark, we noted how Mark does not always present material in a straightforward manner. Mark encourages his readers to consider the mysteries in the life of a disciple, and the unknown and inconceivable aspects of the way God is working in the world. This emphasis on ambiguity and enigmas is definitely apparent in Mark 3:7–4:34. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 3

Saul’s Anointing and Rejection: 1 Samuel 8–15

A story tells of an elder speaking to a youth about how inside of him — and inside of everyone — live two wolves: one good and kind, and the other cruel and violent. Full reading and audio »

Selections From Israel's Story Week 3

Covenant Ratification: Exodus 24

Last week’s lectio discussed the Ten Commandments, but this one moves back to a narrative. In fact, this is the first story that takes place after the body of text known as the Book of the Covenant, laws contained in Exodus 20:22–23:33. Full reading and audio »

Romans Week 3

The Gospel for Both Jews and Gentiles — “No Partiality” Extended: Romans 2:17–3:31

When individuals or groups operate from the understanding that they are special or important, they soon begin to believe it and act accordingly. Immediate examples in our culture are those who experience fame and celebrity. Full reading and audio »

Matthew Week 3

The Sermon on Discipleship: Matthew 4:18–7:29

This week we consider one of the most well-known portions of Scripture: the Sermon on the Mount. The influence of this masterpiece, Jesus’ first and longest sermon in Matthew’s gospel, is impossible to overstate; its powerful message has inspired and challenged Christian and non-Christian interpreters alike over the centuries. Full reading and audio »

Genesis/Exodus Week 3

“Eden and East of Eden”: Genesis 2:4–3:24

Genesis 2:4 is the first segment in Genesis introduced by the tôledôt-formula. Here God engages the created order in a new way. Still, this episode is organically connected to the first one, as seen in the way the phrase “the heavens and the earth” in 2:4a is reversed (“the earth and the heavens”) in 2:4b. Full reading and audio »

Selections on New Creation Week 3

Peter’s Vision of God’s New Creation: 2 Peter 1-3

Some of my most vivid memories growing up in Richland, Washington were the trips our family routinely made over sometimes icy mountain passes to visit my grandparents in Tacoma and Bremerton. Full reading and audio »

Revelation Week 3

Thanksgiving to our Triune God (Revelation 4:1–11)

The world traveler preparing to visit a strange country typically consults the notes of those who have journeyed there already and who know well the must-sees and the do-nots. In my case, I’m interested in dollars — so an experienced traveler’s notes of cheap places to see and lodge are crucial elements of my prep work for visiting a new city. Full reading and audio »

John Week 3

Blazing Signs of the Times: Abundant Life, Controversy, and Confusion: John 2–4

On two different occasions my brother and I have had the privilege of hiking in Grand Teton National Park. There are several important items that hikers need for the trail: good shoes, a trail map, food, and water. Full reading and audio »

Psalms Week 3

Creation, Revelation, Salvation: Psalms 18, 19, 20

At first blush it seems odd to combine these three psalms, notwithstanding their consecutive order in the Psalter. According to standard typology, Psalm 18 is a royal thanksgiving, Psalm 19 is a hymn extolling God as creator and giver of the law (Torah), and Psalm 20 is a prayer asking God to make the king victorious. Yet a closer look reveals that these three psalms may indeed be considered together. Full reading and audio »

James Week 3

What Kind of Faith Saves? James 2

Let’s begin by considering the structure of this chapter, for doing so will help us grasp the key points our author wants to make. The chapter comprises two short essays (James 2:1–13 and 2:14–26) that develop in parallel with each other. Full reading and audio »

Week 3 Wisdom Literature

An Optimistic Attitude: Proverbs 8:1–9:18

Last week, we looked at the “prudential motive” that the early Hebrew sages offered their students for pursuing wisdom. The sages believed that God’s creation was morally ordered, that this order was knowable to human beings … Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 3

Settling in Without Settling Down: Acts 3–4

One observer described the most famous American camp meeting, the Cane Ridge Revival of 1801, in this way: To see those proud young gentlemen and young ladies, dressed in their silks, jewelry, and prunella, from top to toe, take the jerks, would often excite my risibilities. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 3

Beginning in Galilee: Luke 4:14–6:11

As I was having blood drawn at a doctor’s office recently, I engaged the technician in conversation about what she does. “I love drawing blood!” she exclaimed. “I love the challenge of trying to find a vein that is hiding. Full reading and audio »

Isaiah Week 3

Fear or Faith Factor: Isaiah 5:1–8:22

Several years ago a “reality” TV show aired called “Fear Factor,” in which contestants were challenged to overcome their fears through participating in aerial stunts, enduring vehicle crashes, or bathing in a tub of live worms. Full reading and audio »

1 Corinthians Week 3

Called to Be … Truly Wise and Mature: 1 Corinthians 2:6-3:4

This week’s Lectio passage focuses on two concepts near and dear to the Corinthian troublemakers: wisdom and maturity. Full reading and audio »

Joshua/Judges Week 3

Israel and the “Rahab”-ilitation of Faith: Joshua 2:1–24; 6:22–23

My covenant. My people. My promise. My land. Thematically, these words echo throughout the whole book of Joshua — Israel’s claiming of the land offered to them by their covenantal God, YHWH. Full reading and audio »