Luke Week 11

“Resurrection and Beyond”: Luke 24

In the early church, Easter was the biggest day of the year, with its observance far surpassing that of Christmas. New Testament writers make clear that the bodily resurrection of Jesus climaxes Jesus’ life and death.
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Luke Week 10

“Passover and Cross”: Luke 22–23

Imagine being a leader who is about to leave the team you’ve been building. You’ve taught and shown, instructed and illustrated. You’ve sent team members out to gain experience by putting into practice what they’ve learned. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 9

“To Jerusalem and Opposition”: Luke 18:31–21:37

In a compelling mystery novel, tension builds. Conflict between characters intensifies. A sense of foreboding increases. There may be a dark foreshadowing of what is to come, and we brace for the climax toward which we are being drawn. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 8

“More Parables and Teaching”: Luke 16–18:30

Mark Twain once quipped, “It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it’s the parts that I do understand.” As we listen to Jesus tell these remarkable “stories with intent” called parables, there are things we may not fully understand. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 7

“Jesus Taught in Parables”: Luke 13–15

Some people thrive on data. Maybe you don’t! Here’s just enough data to launch us into a parable-rich section of Luke. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 6

“Beginning the Journey to Jerusalem”: Luke 9:51–12:59

Remember heading to the airport or taking road trips to visit family and friends, travel for business, or go on vacation? What if all we had was a horse, a donkey, or, more likely in Bible times, just our own two feet? Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 5

“Miracles, Mission, Messiah”: Luke 7:1–9:50

In Malawi, Africa, I was in the back seat of a car headed to the capital toward nightfall. Westerners try not to be on the road after dark. Our vehicle was almost out of gas. A number of petrol stations, already checked, had no fuel because of a gasoline shortage in Malawi. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 4

Teaching Apostles and People: Luke 6:12–49

“I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news!” You’ve heard public speakers or friends or family members use that line. Sometimes these news-bringers add, “Which do you want to hear first?” Maybe it felt a little like that as Jesus began teaching apostles and people. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 3

Beginning in Galilee: Luke 4:14–6:11

As I was having blood drawn at a doctor’s office recently, I engaged the technician in conversation about what she does. “I love drawing blood!” she exclaimed. “I love the challenge of trying to find a vein that is hiding. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 2

Adam, John, Jesus: Luke 3:1–4:13

The kickoff of something new is important. People in Seattle celebrate “opening day” of boating season. The first home baseball game of a new season is a big deal. A new president’s first weeks in office are watched by the nation and the world. Full reading and audio »

Luke Week 1

Birth Announcements: Luke 1 and 2

Today, young couples exercise great creativity to make birth announcements memorable. The pregnancy that led to our first grandchild was announced by his parents in a surprise visit — from Southern California to Seattle. Full reading and audio »