James Week 6

James as the Introduction to the Catholic Epistle Collection

We have completed our tour of the Letter of James. But our work isn’t finished yet! Indeed, this letter did not come down to us in isolation, but was delivered as part of a larger package — a whole Scripture — within which James was intentionally placed in order to perform a particular role. Full reading and audio »

James Week 5

The Wise Community: James 4:11–5:20

This week’s reading covers the final two major sections of the letter (James 4:11–5:6 and 5:7–18) and its epilogue (5:19–20). We know to break it down in this way because of James’ repeated use of the direct address, “My brothers and sisters”: We see it at 4:11, 5:7, and 5:19, marking off three final coherent “movements.” Full reading and audio »

James Week 4

Who Is Wise Among You? James 3:1–4:10

Today’s reading is divided into three major sections, the first two building on what has come before, in order to come to a dramatic climax in the third. Thus far James has implied a good deal about the dangers of speech, but 3:1–12 will explain the problem in detail. Full reading and audio »

James Week 3

What Kind of Faith Saves? James 2

Let’s begin by considering the structure of this chapter, for doing so will help us grasp the key points our author wants to make. The chapter comprises two short essays (James 2:1–13 and 2:14–26) that develop in parallel with each other. Full reading and audio »

James Week 2

Are Any Among You Sick? James 1

I’ve been ill the past few days. Nothing serious— just a really rotten head cold— but I’ve been surprised by how debilitating it has been. Between the cold itself and the medications taken to combat it, I’m left sluggish and staring like a zombie. Full reading and audio »

James Week 1

Introduction to James and the Catholic Epistles

Most folks I know conceive of the Bible as relatively uniform. It is God’s word — a single book that tells a single story about a God of singular importance and power. Full reading and audio »