Acts Week 11

The World Turned Inside Out Acts 27–28

S. Gorley Putt, my idiosyncratic senior tutor at Christ’s College, was right: the delight is in the details. Imagine if you didn’t know the detail that the trip from Myra in Lycia to Cnidus should have taken just a day or two, but Paul’s ship travelled “slowly for a number of days and arrived with difficulty off Cnidus.” Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 10

When God Drops Out of the Picture: Acts 21:18–26:32

I learned about the book of Acts in a cramped and damp classroom tucked in the corner of our church basement, next to a belching oil furnace. When we got to Acts in our Sunday school curriculum, we only skimmed chapters 21–26 — for good reason. The energy of Acts fizzles at this point. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 9

Hugs and Kisses — and Heartache, Too: Acts 18:23–21:17

The year is 1969. Men land on the moon. My mother wakes me up in my little blue bedroom so that I can watch, in eerie black and white, as my heroes step onto the cratered landscape. But I am 13 — on the cusp of healthy adolescence. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 8

Strange Happenings: Acts 15:36–18:22

Well, that’s that, isn’t it? A distinguished council and a well-crafted compromise setting Jews and Gentiles side-by-side in a harmonious whole. Can we all just get along? You bet we can! Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 7

How to Raise a Ruckus — the Right Way: Acts 13–15

I owned a leather Bible once, its edges gilded in gold, Jesus’ words printed in red, and its pages crinkled from the dew that moistened it when I set the Bible down in the grass to jump onto the swing set, where I waited for my two older sisters to daub on their makeup before church. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 6

On Second Thought: Acts 10–12

What, I should teach you Yiddish? You want I should call God a traffic cop instead? Oy veh! What should I care anyway? Just so you know what God does in the book of Acts. That’s all I care. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 5

God on the Go: Acts 8–9

After Stephen’s martyrdom, everything changes for the church in Jerusalem. On the day of Stephen’s death, “a severe persecution began against the church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout the countryside of Judea and Samaria”. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 4

Trouble in Paradise: Acts 5–7

The community in Jerusalem takes a tumble this week en route to a powerful, spirit-filled witness. It experiences a prodigious error, a course correction, and a courageous testimony. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 3

Settling in Without Settling Down: Acts 3–4

One observer described the most famous American camp meeting, the Cane Ridge Revival of 1801, in this way: To see those proud young gentlemen and young ladies, dressed in their silks, jewelry, and prunella, from top to toe, take the jerks, would often excite my risibilities. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 2

Thrill Ride: Acts 1–2

Whenever you read the word Pentecost, think rollercoaster. Not a measly little bumpy carnival ride, but the Ride of Steel at Six Flags or the legendary Cyclone at Coney Island. Think free-falling, twisting, jostling, lurching, spinning rollercoaster, and you are well underway to getting the gist of the first two chapters of the book of Acts. Full reading and audio »

Acts Week 1

Introduction: On the Journey

Let’s start off with a quiz. After all, this website connects us all to a university. And who doesn’t love an exam? Full reading and audio »