1 & 2 Samuel Week 12

David’s Finale: 2 Samuel 21–24

Though the books end, it is not the end of David’s life; that will happen in 1 Kings. Additionally, 2 Samuel does not have one of those “and they lived happily ever after” endings. It may leave something to be desired. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 11

David, Tamar, and Absalom: The Sword in David’s House: 2 Samuel 13–20

These chapters in 2 Samuel are neither pleasant nor fun: In them, the consequence from 2 Samuel 12:10 — that “the sword shall never depart from [David’s] house” — gets played out in cycles of family violence that include rape and murder. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 10

David’s Fall From Grace: Sex and Violence in David’s House: 2 Samuel 8–12

These chapters move from the heights of the glorious Davidic covenant in 2 Samuel 7 to the depths of David’s mistakes. We may lose something in our admiration for David, but we will gain believability in the story that is told so honestly and unsparingly. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 9

Covenant With God: 2 Samuel 7

2 Samuel 7 is a lens through which much of the rest of Bible should be viewed. In fact, the reason why this single chapter is the focus of an entire Lectio is that it is so important for understanding what will come later in the biblical narrative. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 8

David Enthroned: 2 Samuel 5–6

In these two chapters, David finally takes the throne over all Israel, makes Jerusalem his capital city, and brings the ark of God there. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 7

How the Mighty Have Fallen: 1 Samuel 31–2 Samuel 4

The contents of this Lectio can be summarized briefly as follows: Saul dies and David rises to power. David is not yet king over all Israel; that will take place in next week’s selection of text. But these chapters contain what we knew would happen. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 6

David on the Run: 1 Samuel 21–30

David’s story has had a number of dramatic highs and lows up to this point: He is anointed, glorified, and loved, but also threatened to the point where he has to flee. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 5

David and Saul’s Family: 1 Samuel 18–20

The previous Lectio noted how fitting it is that David’s name means “beloved,” and this week’s selection of text will demonstrate how David is loved by Saul’s children, Jonathan and Michal. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 4

David Anointed, Saul’s Court, and Goliath: 1 Samuel 16–17

David’s name means “beloved,” and it is a fitting appellation for the person who is loved by God, by Israel, and by so many people throughout time. David’s appeal may be traced to his complexity, which is evident in two ways. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 3

Saul’s Anointing and Rejection: 1 Samuel 8–15

A story tells of an elder speaking to a youth about how inside of him — and inside of everyone — live two wolves: one good and kind, and the other cruel and violent. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 2

Eli’s Wicked Sons: Samuel’s Call and the Priestly Fall: 1 Samuel 2:11–1 Samuel 7

This week’s section of 1 Samuel also contains a comparison. Instead of a comparison of times or cities, it is a comparison of two families. Full reading and audio »

1 & 2 Samuel Week 1

The Preview: 1 Samuel 1:1–2:10

I am a big fan of movie previews, and there seems to be a particular formula to the good ones: They tell you enough about the film as a whole so you know whether you want to see it, without giving away the entire plot. The first two chapters of 1 Samuel — Hannah’s story and song — function like a good preview of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. Full reading and audio »